Our first priority is quality. After harvest, our almonds are hulled and shelled in our facility, then graded by size and tested by outside food safety laboratories. Then each almond is sorted three ways. The first is electronic sorting by machines that view each kernel from multiple angles. Next, our almonds are visually inspected by hand sorters trained to look for any defects or foreign material that do not meet our buyer’s standards. Then all almonds pass through an X-ray machine, again to ensure food safety.

Growing great almonds is only half of the Twin Commodities’ story. To ensure our customers get great product every time, we also invested in our own processing facilities to control every aspect of the hulling, shelling, sorting and packing process.

Each shipment is inspected by the United States Department of Agriculture, which certifies the final grade, size and variety of the shipment. Any additional laboratory sample testing requested by our customers is done at this time, as well as any other testing or inspections required for export markets.

At Twin Commodities, Inc., we sell to quality-seeking customers around the world, including Japan,China, Hong Kong, Spain, Germany, the United Kingdom, Russia, France, the Netherlands and the United Arab Emirates.

Our almonds are then carefully packed in 2,200 pound fiber bins or 50 pound cartons, depending on the customer’s request.